Pillow Pillow Pillow-Inspired Designs

Pillow Pillow Pillow

photo by winky lewis

I came across this post on Design*Sponge a few days ago, and this photo of an adorable hamster pillow caught my eye. Reading through the comments I learned it was made by Aaron Stewart at Hornet Toys over at: Pillow Pillow Pillow. The designs were so cute that I had to try and make a set of my own!






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Clay Animation

As my day job I’m an educator at Zeum: San Francisco’s Children’s Museum. At the museum we have a Animators Studio where visitors can learn to make their own animated shorts using clay characters. This is definitely the most popular space in the museum, but on the occasional days when we are slow I get the chance to play around and make my own animations! Continue reading

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Adam and I started work on a long-term project this weekend. The first step? To create a fish building app. Check out some of the little guys that we came up with with the preliminary version we have so far. I think I like the bubble-brain body the best.


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Welcome to the new rewired pictures!

rewired pictures logos

Out with the old, in with the new

There’s been a bit of a radio silence recently out of the world of rewired pictures. Adam and I have both been pretty busy and between both our jobs we haven’t had a chance to keep our blogs updated. But, we’ve still been working on a lot of cool projects and we needed a better place to document everything. So we’ve decided to consolidate! My blog and Adam’s blog will now both be collapsed into the new www.rewiredpictures.com. We’re going to keep our old blogs up for posterity but all our new content will live here. We’ll be using this space to post updates about Robots! in 3D, our newest art projects, culinary creations, and the little hacks we do everyday to make our lives more interesting and efficient. We greatly enjoy doing what we do and we hope you’ll find it intriguing too!




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